San Remo is a unique destination for travel lovers.  It’s the city of flowers, the city of Italian music, and the city of the “Belle Epoque”.

Group travel in San Remo is a great opportunity to discover the many attractions this city offers, while taking advantage of assistance from our well prepared tour guides.

The medieval historical city center, called La Pigna, was a favorite of author Italo Calvino.  It is perched high on the hills and filled with narrow alleyways and small piazzas that hide priceless artistic treasures like the San Sebastiano Oratory.  The Madonna della Costa Sanctuary, with its typical baroque style, rests at the top of the old city.

The elegant aristocratic villas and the botanical gardens of the western part of the city of San Remo include: Villa Zirio, which was the residence of the German Kaiser Frederick William III, Villa Ormond which is currently the headquarters of the International Human Rights Organization, and Villa Nobel, last residence of the great Swedish scientist of the same name.

Here is a possible itinerary that will allow you to admire the Belle Epoque parts of San Remo and visit the locales enjoyed by the foreign visitors who discovered the Riviera at the end of the 1800’s: start with The Empress’ Walk, dedicated to the Czarina Maria Alexandrovna; then there is the Russian Orthodox Church and the Liberty style Casino built in 1905.  In addition there are the great hotels built in the 1800’s and the splendid villas, with Villa Angerer, a notable stand-out with its authentic Art Nouveau style.

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