Group Travel in San Remo and The Flower Riviera

San Remo, capital of the Flower Riviera, is a city with roots that go back to ancient Roman times.  It reached the peak of its splendour at the start of modern tourism in the mid 1800’s.

The modern city lies along the coast – we propose an interesting itinerary that starts with the Empress’ walkway, dedicated to the Czarina Maria Alexandrovna.  Here you can admire the monuments of the Czarina and those of Garibaldi, as well as the famous statue of “Primavera” (Spring).  Then you can continue on by taking a walk in the environs of the grand villas of the Belle Epoque, finishing up at the Russian Orthodox Church and the Casino, which is a splendid Liberty-style building.

San Remo has an important medieval historical city center, with narrow Ligurian style streets and houses perched on the hill.  The old city is called La Pigna, and the famous Italian author Italo Calvino loved it so much that he set some of his most celebrated stories there.  The sanctuary of Madonna della Costa dominates the whole city from high up on the hill.

Come to the western side of the city to discover some of the most beautiful villas and botanical gardens in Liguria: Villa Zirio, former residence of the Kaiser William III; Villa Ormond, headquarters of the International Institute of Human Rights, with its beautiful botanical garden, and Villa Nobel,  once the residence of Alfred Nobel and now home to an interesting museum.

We are ready to help you organize any kind of visit to San Remo, with the possibility of  booking lunches and tastings of the traditional characteristic local products. 

In this section, we will show you how San Remo can also be a homebase city for a series of interesting tours that will lead you to discover all aspects of the Flower Riviera.